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About Us

  • Loveplus Charitable International Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in 2016 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT/NO88744). Our objectives are: To bring relief to victims of violence and disaster, bring relief to children and women that are vulnerable, encourage girl child education, provide information training and support for young women. others are community development, assisting and supporting the less privileged, rescue operation and educationalsupport. we seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice with comprehensive approach towards problem solving which create child and women whose rights are protected and honoured in the society that is built on respect for dignity justice and equity for all.
we collaborate and cooperate with other NGOs to fooster positive change and to achieve our organizational goals and societal vision in general. furthermore, our focus is to assist young girls live healthy lives through the provision of PHB and achieve their full potentials, towards an empowered womanhood. we also assist help them overcome the risk of early sexual activities, gender discrimination, harmful traditional and Contemporary social practices, adolescent/unintended pregnancies, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) including HIV/AIDS, unsafe abortion, all forms of sexual abuse and harassment as well as other forms of violence against girls and women and exploitation.


Service Beyond Self: to serve others
Respect for human rights: We believe in the universal declaration of human rights  
Focused Vision: Reaching out to empower women and children  
Responsibility: We take ownership of all activities undertaken by us  
Corporation beyond borders: Cooperate and collaborate with other NGOs to fooster developement  
Public Mindedness: We have a responsibility of caring for the environment in all activities  
Truthfullness: We are truthful in all our dealings with our donors, projects beneficiaries, staff and partners  
Non-Profit Integrity: We operate a non-profit organization and incase surplus is generated through our operation it will be utilized solely to help the organization fulfill its mission& objectives  
COMPREHENSION VIEWPOINT : We will follow a comprehension approach towards problem solving
Voluntiarism: Formed by private oriented voluntary actions of individuals who have choosen to pursue a shared interest of concern.
Vision Statement: We seek a world of hope tolerance and social justice when poverty has been overcome and women and children live in dignity and security
Mission Statement: A happy, healthy and creative child and woman whose rights are protected and honoured in a society.
Theophilus O. Jacob Igudu Laura Obi Ebidifu Millicent Uchendu   Sarah Abubakar
Chairman/CEO Accountant Public Relation Officer Event Planner/ Manager   Secretary
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